Saturday, 23 January 2010

Study Playlist

This is a playlist I set up to listen to while studying/working. Lots of good stuff in here including moody soundtrack titles like Perfume and Hannibal, the ever-calming Chopin nocturnes and lots of hand-picked tracks too. I put some favourites in bold.

- Satie: Gnossiennes - 1. Lent
- Handel: Harpsichord Suite In D Minor, HWV 437 - Sarabande With Variations
- Spiegel im Spiegel. Angela Yoffe & Vadim Gluzman
- "O giusto cielo!" from Lucia di Lammermoor, Act 2. Anna Netrebko, Claudio Abbado, Coro Sinfonico di Milano Giuseppe Verdi, Mahler Chamber Orchestra & Romano Gandolfi. Sempre libera.
- Symphony No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 17 "Little Russian": III. Scherzo. Berliner Philharmoniker & Herbert Von Karajan. Tchaikovsky: Symphonies Nos. 1-3
- Chopin: Nocturne #1 In F Minor, Op. 55. Claudio Arrau
- Chopin: Nocturne #2 In E, Op. 62. Claudio Arrau
- Chopin: Nocturne In C Minor, Op. Posth. Claudio Arrau
- Chopin: Nocturne #2 In E Flat, Op. 9/2. Claudio Arrau
- Chopin: Nocturne #7 In C Sharp Minor, Op. 27/1. Claudio Arrau
- Chopin: Nocturne #10 In A Flat, Op. 32/2. Claudio Arrau
- Dante Symphony, S. 109: Magnificat. Daniel Barenboim. Liszt: Dante Symphony, Dante Sonata
- Into the Forest. Danny Elfman, Corpse Bride.
- Edward Scissorhands: Main Title - Ice Dance. Danny Elfman , Edward Scissorhands.
- Die unsichtbare Front. Gabriel Yared & Stéphane Moucha, The Lives of Others (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
- Die Sonate vom guten Menschen. Gabriel Yared & Stéphane Moucha, The Lives of Others.
- IM "Martha". Gabriel Yared & Stéphane Moucha, The Lives of Others.
- Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs, Symphony No.3. Gorecki.
- Dear Clarice. Hans Zimmer, Hannibal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).
- Avarice. Hans Zimmer, Hannibal.
- Virtue. Hans Zimmer, Hannibal.
- The Burning Heart. Hans Zimmer, Hannibal.
- To Every Captive Soul. Hans Zimmer, Hannibal.
- Eastern Promises. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).
- Tatiana. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises.
- London Streets. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises.
- Sometimes Birth and Death Go Together. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises.
- Trafalgar Hospital. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises.
- Slavery and Suffering. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises.
- Anna Khitrova. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises.
- Eagle and Star. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises.
- Nine Elms. Howard Shore, Eastern Promises.
- What Are You Asking Me? James Newton Howard, The Village (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture).
- The Bad Color. James Newton Howard, The Village.
- Will You Help Me? James Newton Howard, The Village.
- The Shed Not to Be Used. James Newton Howard, The Village.
- Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: XXII. Aria. Jenö Jandó, Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV.
- Fauré: Requiem, Op. 48 - In Paradisum . Jeremy Summerly: Oxford Camerata
- Vide cor meum - Rhys Meirion Vocal (Rhys Meirion Vocal), Katherine Jenkins.
- Satie: 3 Gymnopédies - Lent Et Douloureux. Klara Kormendi.
- Splendeurs Nocturnes. Les Chœurs De L'armée Rouge. (Red Army Choir).
- Sailing to Byzantium. Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy, Immortal Memory.
- Abwoon (Our Father) . Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy, Immortal Memory.
- Masquerade: Waltz. London Symphony Orchestra & Yuri Ahronovitch.
- Iconography. Max Richter, The Blue Notebooks.
- Vladimir's Blues. Max Richter, The Blue Notebooks.
- What Have They Done? Max Richter, Waltz With Bashir (Soundtrack).
- Lullaby from the Westcoast Sleepers. Max Richter, 24 Postcards in Full Colour.
- Found Song for P. Max Richter, 24 Postcards in Full Colour.
- The Artifact and Living. Michael Andrews, Donnie Darko (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture).
- Puccini: Madama Butterfly - Act 2: Humming Chorus. Miriam Gauci, Etc.; Alexander Rahbari: Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Philharmonic Chorus.
- Debussy: Suite Bergamasque, L 75 - 3. Clair De Lune. Moura Lympany.
- Main Titles. Pete Anthony, Red Dragon.
- Threats. Pete Anthony, Red Dragon.
- There, Far Away, Beyond the River. Red Army Band; Red Army Choir.
Moscow Nights.
- The Girl With the Plums. Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume - the Story of a Murderer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).
- Grenouille's Childhood. Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume.
- The 13th Essence. Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume.
- Moorish Scents. Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume.
- The Method Works! Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume.
- Laura's Murder. Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume.
- Awaiting Execution. Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume.
- The Crowd Embrace. Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume.
- Epilogue (Leaving Grasse). Sir Simon Rattle/Berliner Philharmoniker, Perfume.
- Wake. Thomas Newman, Road to Perdition (Music from the Motion Picture).
- Just the Feller. Thomas Newman, Road to Perdition.
- Road to Chicago. Thomas Newman, Road to Perdition.
- A Blind Eye. Thomas Newman, Road to Perdition.


  1. this playlist makes you really old.

  2. Old?! What do you mean? This isn ’t the only music I have…but the Deftones make reading a little difficult

  3. I really like your playlist :) I also listen to classical music during working, because it helps me focus on what I'm doing! but usually I just accidently set a classical radio station on my iTunes, so the music never the same.

  4. Ah good, I’m not alone then. (yay). I hate it when a good tune is played on the radio and they don’t say what it was.

  5. Excellent taste!

  6. :) See Martha? Not old, excellent lol


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