Saturday, 23 January 2010

Kerning Police: Only The BR AV E

Quick moan at Diesel here for their shocking typography on one of their recent products. It’s as if they thought fully justifying it all would make up for the weird kerning, especially in the last word. If you look closely, the spacing is poor in every single word. Granted, it’s not the biggest worry in the world…but if a job’s worth doing…. I might correct it and send it back with my CV. Tongue-in-cheek job application of the century.


  1. Maybe they're sending the message that they're brave for that disgusting kerning. Like, if you use this weird kerned product, you will be brave. Or something along those lines... :P

    The space between the "S" and "EL" bothers me as well.

    Sweet find.

  2. Haha, yeah must be. ‘Only the brave would wash with badly designed soap….’


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