Saturday, 25 September 2010

www Devendra Banhart

Check this website out - very original. I found Devendra Banhart on iTunes as I was on a music-browsing-sprint one day. Bought his album, then heard the line 'there are so many little boys I wanna marry' and got worried I'd found gary glitter's sidekick, but was enlightened by an online interview in which he claims he wrote those lyrics just to screw with people.

I didn't get beyond the kaleidoscope on his website so I wouldn't know what else is on there, if anything. I recently finished another design project at work so it'll be posted very soon.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

www movie clips

Another mini post to fill the void while I find the time to write a proper one. I found this site accidentally but it's great - lots of opportunity to remind yourself of your favourite movie moments. I was really happy to find 'Peed on my rug' from The Big Lebowski on there – peed myself laughing the first time I saw that (you need to watch the film to see it in context though!).

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