Friday, 22 January 2010

Kaleidotype 02

Two more patterns – this time using my own type, originally drawn for the ‘play’ posts. The first pattern uses a few letters of the same size. The second, four letters of contrasting sizes. Colours are obviously mixed but I used the ‘multiply’ transparency setting to get more detail from the overlaps. Learned that gaps appear between panels if you use transparency settings so I might have to rectify that little annoyance.

I think both work well – really fond of the second version’s variety though, which is only down to the fact that it uses high-contrast in the size of the lettering. Not perfect but it would only take a little tweaking to get the shapes to fit together smoothly. I’m loving my invention! Might make more photographs with it next…. We’ll see.


  1. I love the way you've used the modern shapes of your letters to create a more abstract pattern with the same aesthetic feeling.

  2. really nice work. Wish i knew how to play with type like this. Did you use illustrator or indesign

  3. Thanks. It was Illustrator; have a look through the tutorials on this site: They’re all sort of short and sweet. Nothing amazing in there but the actual tips are invaluable. Learn about the ‘transform’ and ‘pathfinder’ options in Illustrator too — really helped me make drawing complex things easy by merging/dividing simple shapes.


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