Thursday, 7 January 2010

Filmstar Magazine

Toward the end of my degree I applied to a placement being offered by Blackfish Publishing in Bath which would give me the chance to work on their, at the time, latest publication, Filmstar. In the end, I had to withdraw my application, even though I’d been shortlisted, due to accommodation problems. The magazine was, I believe, meant to offer film enthusiasts something different in their monthly reading; more interviews, striking design etc. I’ve picked up the magazine whenever I’ve seen it in the recent months and definitely noticed a bold typographic approach but felt it could probably have done with being even more ambitious to outrun the worry of looking like Empire magazine’s little brother.

I recently tried to send my updated details to Blackfish Publishing and my emails failed. A visit to their website suggested to me that the company must be, unfortunately, on the rocks and any further publication of Filmstar is uncertain. Another company, who, a few months ago, offered me a placement, has actually since vacated the studio it was in. Great times for graduates then.

By the way, I confess! I’m just padding out my blog until Saturday when the much-needed desk arrives and I can actually get back to putting design work on here.

Also, I just got this book today, Machiavelli’s The Prince, for a fiver at the multi-shopped-but-mostly-useless Lakeside Village in Doncaster. What a bargain! I’m still deciding if I love or hate the bright yellow cover with classical style layout and typeforms with an enlarged arbitrary decorative motif on the back. …Okay, I hate it. Nonetheless, the inside is very interesting and some of the images I’ve had a peek at so far are incredible.

[Edited hours later] I’ve just had another look at it and I’m back to loving it again! It’s bright yellow but it’s a nice bright yellow. The classical layout makes sense as it’s a book from the 16th Century. The back cover is a little inconsistent as its motif is offset and full-bleed so it doesn’t quite say ‘classical’. The inner pages, however, are quite busy with decoration (behind the text or interlocking with it) which I find a worthwhile addition.

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