Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Type styles in Illustrator

Recently I figured out how to apply a halftone to some type in Illustrator – the proper way, rather than simply making a halftone of the solid letters. You can apply an inner glow and then make that a halftone – then, after using the best settings for the job, you can trace the halftone as a group of shapes and in doing that you make them editable – as the second image below shows. Unfortunately the circles you’re left with are rarely perfectly rounded so perhaps making a halftone of enormous type and then reducing that down would make the shapes more rounded. Still…in most cases they’ll be too small for readers to tell the difference.

Some other quick tests have been added but I tend to steer away from using text effects unless they have good reason to be used – they usually look better on the web but often spill over into print. Seems, though, that the more subtle they are, the more effective they are.

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