Thursday, 4 March 2010

Max Bill’s circle

I tried using phi to make the yellow circle, instead of the 0.5 that Bill used, and found that the first version (second image) is a little less well-balanced in comparison with the original. The second version, however, (last image) I think is pretty successful. The smaller the circle, the more the text box comes up – which is what you’d want on a poster. The image would still be seen first from a distance.

I’m assuming Bill was making a geometrical representation of a Zulu shield with his image (the words ‘negerkunst’ and ‘sudafrikas’ are a clue straight away). The smaller version of the circle, then, would perhaps make more sense. It gives the image more space and is clearly smaller than the text box – avoiding any conflict between the two shapes.

No idea why the colours are faded on this screen but if you click on the image, it’s better.


  1. It's prähistorische and südafrikas. both with ümlaut. Its geschlossen instead of geschlessen. Just my two cents ;-)

  2. Ahh, well spotted. Apologies to all for my shoddy work – it was a rushed effort, more focused on the image.


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