Wednesday, 31 March 2010

BBC iPlayer: A good week for FREE films

If you don’t know about BBC iPlayer you should bookmark it! They often have some really good films available for streaming (that what they call it?) or temporary download so check it out each week.

They can be a little annoying with it though – I tend to buy foreign films on DVD because I don’t expect to ever see them on TV and, just as I get punched in the wallet by HMV for £20, I find out the BBC has uploaded the film onto iPlayer for free viewing. Gargh! Summertime and Tell No-one (French: Ne le dis a personne) are among a few I’ve unnecessarily shelled out for in the past.

Anyway, thought I’d let people know what’s on there at the moment!

Mean Streets (goofy old-school DeNiro)

Good – A film living up to its name: good but not great. Viggo Mortensen (okay, Aragorn from Lord of the Rings) and the mighty Jason Isaacs caught up in Nazi Germany – that ol’ chestnut.

Mrs Brown – a film about moody Queen Victoria and a Scottish guy who loves fresh air and shouting (Billy Connolly’s best film, me thinks). Also check it out for a hilarious Antony Sher, playing Benjamin Disraeli.

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