Friday, 28 August 2009

OEG Interiors Identity

During my week of work experience at Ignition Design Ltd in Bath, I was asked to come up with a corporate identity for their client OEG Interiors. Their lead designer had already produced a finished identity but they thought it would be interesting to compare my response with theirs; so, I didn’t get to see their work until I’d finished my own.

My first attempts were based around the shapes likely to be found in an office plan drawing. Knowing that OEG offer specially fitted furnishings gave me a reason to create a sense of rigidity/interlocking shapes.

The original OEG logo used only magenta so, early on, I stuck to it until I had a drawn logo that I was happy with. At that point I could think about colour.
Trying out typefaces is always worthwhile but not obligatory; after all, you can be sure the typeface you use wasn’t originally drawn for your client so it makes sense to draw a logotype from scratch. It was suggested that this option below aims slightly above OEG’s average target customer.

By the end, I had drawn around 50 variants of the logo. The final result was something whose seamless shape would entertain the idea of made-to-measure office furniture. The logo is flexible because it can sit alone wherever it needs to while a simple piece of typography ‘OEG Interiors’ will give the full company name. Single and double-sided business cards were made, along with a compliments slip and letterhead.

You can see Ignition’s original response to the brief at the OEG website. It was interesting to see the similarities between the logos and I think, if I had more involvement with the client and their products, I’d have been better informed and made a more justified choice of colour.


  1. This was fun to read and to watch your process.

  2. That’s good – thanks for reading it. It could have been much longer but I didn’t want to get too ‘deep’ about it

  3. Hi, just been a bit distracted but shall add more posts just now :) I like your drawing from 14 Sept — really nice balance to it. Would love to see more line drawings


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