Sunday, 13 March 2011

New typefaces

In my (very) tentative approach to starting my book I've been looking at typefaces I could use for it. I'm also looking for a good site to buy stock images relating to the Italian Renaissance but have only found one or two so far:

Definitely have a look at the second link - some nice photography in there but there's also a lot of fine art images that you don't find in the more popular stock photo websites.

Back to type though! I'm a fan of Garamond, but I always found it a little soft edged and really wanted something more refined so that I could set large headings with more confidence. Galliard is ideal for this - the 'ITC Galliard' version that I got has 4 weights which also makes it great for general use. 

Cut by Robert Granjon in the 16th Century, Galliard is very similar to Garamond but appears to have a more deliberate shape to it. I've made the two faces visually equal in size, below, to more clearly show the differences.

I also got Stymie because I wanted a nice rounded sans but Mrs Eaves sans was too expensive...  Still, I like slab serifs so Stymie is a good'n. Only thing I've noticed is that its default kerning attributes will usually need some attention. 

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