Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Music posters

I just wanted to try some info-graphics and put to use some things I know in Illustrator (didn’t find much use for Illustrator at uni) so I grabbed the names and durations of some of my favourite music to represent it visually.

Basically each individual shape represents a track — in the Muse posters, for instance, the length of each line relates to every other and corresponds to the track length. The full circle, then, represents the longest track. The pink was introduced to show a difference between the last three tracks and the rest of the album because they’re actually one track (in 3 parts). On retrospect maybe a change of colour isn’t the most logical way to show this.

Although it looks quite nice, it didn’t quite make sense to allow the longest track to appear differently to the others so the Litolff posters attempt to show the music as a full circle (like the reading of a CD). This way all of the music is shown to be of equal significance. The classical works are separated according to tempo differences which is what the deepening greens try to imply. Decent start — should be more to come.

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