Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Chrimbo 09

1 December is here! So, best wishes readers! Also, it’s great to have 14 followers — although it doesn’t seem a big number, it’s taken me ages to attract you awesome chaps. I leave you with suggestions for Christmas viewing…

Scrooged — Bill Murray and the hilarious falling-up-the-steps scene.
The Grinch — Jim Carrey classic.
Elf — for that warm toasty feeling.
Bad Santa — when your face hurts from smiley Christmas cheer…this’ll bring you down a few notches.

By the way, this may be a really well-known film (so I may look like an idiot asking this) but, does anyone know that Christmas flick that starts with the homeless lad in the street and a girl in her house sees him and takes some food and a coke out for him? Forgotten its name…. Unless it was an old Coke advert…. Always made me desperate for a coke anyway

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