Monday, 23 November 2009

Assassins Creed 2

Just thought I’d explain my recent lack of posts — I’ve found the most amazing game on earth! I don’t usually play the ol’ xbox anymore unless its with my big bro (zombie multiplayer gets addictive) but Assassins Creed just breaks new ground in so many ways. It’s educational of Renaissance Italy for a start which happens to be my favourite part of human history (on a par with 1890s/1900s Vienna). The game is free-roam, meaning you’re able to run about as you would in reality…but you can climb up any building around, and every building of significance that you find is accompanied with a mini description of its history/architecture. Likewise, every non-fictional character that you encounter is introduced to you in a similar way, though you usually end up chucking them off a roof, running them through with your weapon of choice or poisoning them. That’s what makes it a game! Oh and you also happen to be good mates with Da Vinci who is basically the Q to your Bond.

Anyway, the in-game graphics have made inspiration pour from my very eyeballs so I may have some new stuff on here very soooooon. Tutto bene


  1. Okay, I'm coming back to read this later. In a rush right now.

    Glad to be here again!

  2. Oh don’t worry. It’s just about me being a nerd playing video games. Shall post more work in the near future.

  3. Glad you enjoyed AC2 Ben. I was very lucky to play it on my gaming PC and snazzy dell 3008WFP display, which outputs those amazing visuals at 2560x1600... yum!

    Kind Regards
    H Niyazi


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