Monday, 16 November 2009


Saw the film 2012 at the weekend which was awesome; it basically covers the end of the world — that ol’ chestnut.

John Cusack, the main dude, is a great all-rounder as an actor…just lacks a bit of va va voom sometimes. John, if you’re reading, try and find a role as a serial killer or something just to spice things up. The film also features a Russian guy with an extremely deep voice — worth checking it out just for that.

The visuals in the film blew me away…to use a suitable metaphor. Enormous land-masses were made to look like the crumbs falling from a biscuit. That’s what came to my mind anyway. Must have been peckish.

I liked the fact that the film wasn’t based solely in the US too, unlike other apocalyptic flicks. It uses a varied cast and definitely ties in locations from all around the globe. Not really a DVD essential but certainly worth a watch. Hope to see The Informant soon.

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