Thursday, 15 October 2009

Play 08

The ‘play’ series was started as a means of typographic exploration. The primary task is to draw the word, ‘play’, in whatever form (readable or not) as a starting point for learning whatever I can about type/software/drawing processes.

My more recent attempts have taught me a number of things about how best to transfer drawings to computer and how re-draw them once they’re made digital. I’ve also noticed the benefits of working both by hand and on computer; each method allows me to explore parts of my typographic drawings more than the other.

Granted; the exploration I have made so far has not been in great depth. This is because there are so many variables when it comes to drawing even just one letter and, being a stickler for organisation, I like to keep track of every change I make to a drawing. More playful drawings are yet to come, I hope, but for the next couple of posts I’ll illustrate the sheer amount of miniscule detail that could come into play with typography.

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