Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Bridge

I recently got a new DVD tv series called "The Bridge". I've only seen the first four episodes and I can already say it's definitely worth getting.

The plot is quite original – it starts with a body left on a bridge, exactly on the border, between Sweden and Denmark. You learn more about the body but I won't ruin the surprise. Anyway, because the body is half in Denmark and half in Sweden, both police forces are involved. The two main characters (a detective from each country) are really interesting to watch. I recognized one of them from the film 'Arn: Templar Knight'. She plays Saga – a really straight-talking, quirky character with not much of a sense of humour. Someone likened her to 'House' on Amazon. I sort of agree.

The soundtrack has grown on me since I started watching this – it's called 'Hollow Talk' by Choir of Young Believers. Really amazing how music becomes more meaningful when its used in certain contexts.

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