Thursday, 17 January 2008

Daytripper. Etching & Typography - December 07

The Daytripper project was a good one week brief as we were able to choose our own exhibition in which to work. I decided to go to Bristol and visit the '@ Bristol' museum with a few other students. Unfortunately the museum appeals to children as much as it does for adults so the constant drone of yelling school children wasn't so inviting. Nonetheless we got through the museum, taking photos of generally everything and getting a sense of the atmosphere. It was difficult to sit and draw on the day so I saved the drawing part of the brief for home and made sure I got enough photographs to work with. I didn't get the feeling there was anything, apart from the blindingly obvious, that was consistent throughout the museum. I was looking for things about the museum which could be used to communicate it - like shapes, words, colours etc. Thinking back, I do remember there was a lot of thick, dull yellow plastic surfaces. I managed to formulate a 'theme' out of my drawings in etching based on the circular forms of various objects which I had photographed. My six etchings came out very well and I was happy to have had them done in only 7 hours in the workshop over two weeks.

Before I visited etching, I had completed six drawings in the daytripper week which I thought communicated a science museum fairly well. Using graph paper and a biro I created six fairly well worked drawings which tried to emulate the sort of orthodox/academic drawings you find in science books. The biro was vaguely chosen because I also imagined the drawings of a doctor or surgeon. I may have crossed two paths with the drawings I made though as they are neither directly academic and fiercely accurate nor are they sketches or quick drafts.

The typography workshops with M Soderberg have thus far been a great help in looking at the functional side of typography and layout in a general way. The short briefs we have been handed each week offer a chance to explore what happens in different situations with text layout without feeling that we are under pressure to get something significant done for the friday coming. I have learned the value of hand-drawing letterforms in order to physically work with text. This has drastically lowered my appreciation for Macs when it comes to handling text and I will no doubt consider working primarily by hand in future when text is concerned. Mike definitely knows his subject and is always willing to talk about issues to do with the course or more specific work-related problems.

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