Wednesday, 9 May 2007

30th April

During the last animation workshop I was enlightened of the outcome of my drawings. Being animated they proved to be surprising in ways I hadn't anticipated. It has definately made the process more clear to me now - one which is overly time consuming if you do not get around the problem of having to draw lots of imagery on every page/frame of the film. In general I think it can be a very useful process for certain circumstances but generally I doubt I will ever jump at the chance of creating an animation in this way again. Having glimpsed at one or two other pieces of work by fellow students it is interesting to see what you can do with animation - especially if you are able to think 3 dimensionaly.

On the following day during interaction I began working on my new idea for the postcard (animating a drawing done recently) - one decision which I was happy I made as I knew I'd otherwise not be able to show my full ability. In an attempt to make it easier for myself in animating the objects in the image I took one evenning to re-draw the whole image into separate components to allow for animations to occur without revealing empty space where the drawing would have been cut out. I felt this was a good use of time as it meant I could get straight into layout and animation the next day. Using shape tweening I have been able to render smooth animations into the postcard which stages the falling of a ship off the edge of the earth - obviously I have chosen to describe a fictional event. Flash has been difficult to understand so far but now that i understand the stage and layers palette I am becoming more confident in creating interactions and experimenting. Sometimes with the programme I find it is unable to complete certain tasks without lots more time consuming input from the user. In other words I have started to learn to prepare for making sacrifices and changes - otherwise I will remember to consider the software's limited capacity for compliance and try to make even the more complicated parts of my work as simple as possible.

During the hacs session on Friday we were able to establish the subject of our presentation with very little difficulty. I might have suggested, if it wasn't for the reluctance of my group, to meet again before the next Friday in order to begin planning our presentation but it appears we are instead going to collect information individually and regroup in a week. The only problem I think we have right now is time as working collectively for only 2 hours in a week for 3 weeks is not enough to prepare a convincing presentation.

Life drawing is still proving to be a challenge as far as figurative accuracy goes. As a result I have begun a book of anatomical study in order to improve my understanding of the body which so far has been fascinating and very worthwhile - learning something which will surely always be fact is very easy for me to sit down and get on with. After I have improved my anatomical understanding at least slightly, I intend to read on perspective as, from time to time, this subject also escapes me. With this sort of study I aim to gain more control over my sense of perspective and anatomical accuracy in order to explore the two subjects in more depth. Having viewed books such as Vitamin D it is apparent that perspective is a very powerful tool in drawing and is sometimes sacrificed for interesting mark-making.

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