Sunday, 18 March 2007

5th March

In this week we added the finishing touches to our videos and viewed them for the first time together in group films. I thought my group did well to get an idea established for the end credits of the video and carry out the work in a single morning before showing the film. Whilst watching the other videos I felt my own work had a certain unique feel to it due to its play on sound - the contrast of the loudness in feet hitting the ground and the silence of a moving balloon. The overall sound of my video was also in high contrast to the much favoured upbeat music tracks which most people applied to their own video. In some videos the use of music added to the atmosphere though in others I felt it was used as a way to avoid working with real sound relevant to the video. Something else I noticed was that maybe a handful of videos might have given way to their subject and forgotten to be inventive with the camera also.

In photography I can say I was able to work out a successful sequence of photographs which are both visually and purposefully interesting. Having taken photographs similar to the work of Christian Boltanski by using shadow puppets, I was able to select certain images to create a narrative sequence which comprises simply of differences in light and darkness. I learned more about the development of photographs using filters and working out exposures.

During life drawing I noticed my skills have improved since my very first session and it mostly seems down to Simon's profound understanding of composition and his advice to me over the past few weeks. There are basic necessities such as depth and tone which are to be achieved but the experimentation can come about in the mark-making process and the way the figure is represented.

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